How To Clean A Dishwasher With Vinegar

October 29, 2018 by Sean Parry

Here at Neat, our preference is to hand wash dirty cutlery and crockery (which we believe achieves the best results), but when there is a lot to cover, a fully working dishwasher can save a huge amount of time. However, the dishwasher itself requires regular cleaning to avoid problems such as “white misting” on glasses, or “food deposits” left on plates. A great way to clean your dishwasher out is to simply use white wine vinegar, which you can buy on Amazon or oriental food shops often stock this as well.

The following video from CleanMySpace gives a nice and simple illustration about how to clean your dishwasher. You’ll also find that adding some baking soda will also help to deodorise your dishwasher if there are some persistent smells coming from it.

As part of your dishwasher maintenance, you may also want to check that you have sufficient dishwasher rinse aid in your machine. This helps to add a film to your dishes and glasses, allowing water to drain off more effectively, leaving to better drying and therefore less water marks remaining. Finally, it’s worth checking that your dishwasher is set to the correct “water hardness” level, to reflect the water hardness levels in your area. If you cover all these things, you should get great results every time.

Of course, our cleaners and housekeepers can keep on top of this for you, and would be happy to help with any cleaning needs you have. Further information on our services can be found on the Neat website, or feel free to call us on if you have any questions.


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