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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Booking & Scheduling

Can my cleaner provide end-of-tenancy or after-building cleans?

Unfortunately, our cleaners are unable to offer such services as specialist equipment is usually required. For end-of-tenancy cleaning, we would suggest you contacting your estate agent or landlord, and using a cleaning company of their choosing to avoid any disputes regarding deposits etc. For after-building cleaning, we would recommend contacting a company who can provide specialist vacuuming equipment to make sure all dust etc is removed.

When are cleaners available to work?

Most of our cleaners work Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, but we have some cleaners available to work on Saturday as well although there is usually a waiting list and these slots tend to get booked up about 1 week in advance. Unfortunately our cleaners don’t work on Sundays.

How can I book a clean?

You can book online and we will email you back within 15-minutes to confirm details of your booking. Alternatively you can call us on 020 3637 8307 – we’re open Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm.

Can I reschedule or cancel my clean?

Yes – you can cancel or reschedule your clean at no charge providing at least 24-hours notice is given ahead of the scheduled start time. If a reschedule or cancellation request is made within 24-hours then a 100% cancellation fee is applied equal to the price of the job. As you can hopefully understand, if a job is confirmed in the calendar and then does not go ahead, then there is no time to arrange for your cleaner to attend another job.

Can I keep the same cleaner for each visit?

Yes – for all clients booking in a weekly or fortnightly service, the same cleaner will be sent for each visit.

Do you cover last minute cleaner absence?

We do our very best to arrange cleaner cover if there is a last minute cleaner absence. Unfortunately we’re not able to guarantee this but we do try our very best as we completely understand the potential inconvenience caused.

Can I book a monthly clean with the same cleaner?

Unfortunately we’re not able to offer a monthly service with the same cleaner. This is only an option if you are booking a weekly or fortnightly clean. If you are looking for a less regular service, then this would be treated as individual one-off cleans, and you will need to book in for a new clean each time.

What is the latest time I can book in a clean?

For all next day cleans, we ask that you make your booking by 5pm on the day before at the very latest. We are often fully booked a few days in advance so we always recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Unfortunately we don’t also offer same day cleaning due to the difficulties involved around scheduling etc.

Which areas of London do you cover?

Our cleaners are available to to work across Zones 1-3 in central London. We focus purely on central London currently due to the ease of public transportation. If you live outside these zones, then unfortunately our cleaners won’t be able to travel to you. However this may change at some point in the future.

Pricing & Payment

How can I use a voucher code?

When you book online there is a field which asks you to enter a voucher code if you have one. Alternatively email us at or call us on 020 3637 8307 and let us know.

How much is a clean?

Our services are based on a fixed price according to the size of your property, and this covers our standard 50-point checklist. There is also the option to book in extras and these are also listing on the pricing page.

Is my cleaner paid and treated fairly?

We are proud to inform you that we are the top paying cleaning agency in London and the specific amount varies according to how long that particular cleaner has been with Neat. We believe that this is one of the key reasons why we are able to attract and retain the very best cleaners. You’ll still see turnover in cleaners but our cleaners tend to stay with us for much longer than our competitors. Ultimately this is reflected in the quality of service that is provided.

How do I pay for my clean?

We eliminate the hassle of cash payment. All payment is taken by online card payment. When you confirm your booking, you will be asked to enter your card details. Only once your clean has been completed is payment then taken. We use Stripe as our payment processor – a multi billion dollar US-based company that manages the payments for companies such as Facebook, Apple and Pinterest – so rest assured your details are in safe hands.

Can I tip my cleaner?

Yes of course! If you would like to tip your cleaner, then we would ask you to leave them cash and hand it to them directly. Unfortunately, we’re unable to take a tip payment and pass it on to them at this time.

Services Provided

Can my cleaner do the washing up?

Yes – your cleaner will wash up dishes as part of cleaning the kitchen. However if there is a large amount of washing up required and insufficient time to cover other tasks, then you may need to tell them how to prioritise the time.

What things can my cleaner not do or provide?

There are 3 key areas that are not covered – 1) your cleaner is unable to do any heavy lifting of furniture or equipment to avoid any injury, 2) any cleaning of areas above a height where a step ladder for example is required would not be covered, and 3) finally, any outside cleaning or where outside access is required – such as window or balcony cleaning.

You cleaner is also not able to provide end-of-tenancy or post-building cleaning.

What’s included in a standard clean?

Our cleaning services are based on a fixed price according the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property. Once you book a clean, your cleaner will then work through the 50-point checklist. You also have the option to book in extras including inside fridge, inside oven, inside kitchen cabinets, inside bathrooms cabinet, ironing (30-min or 1-hr) and laundry.

Can I provide specific instructions?

If there are specific instructions then your cleaner will try to accommodate providing there is enough time and/or no potential risk of injury such as moving heavy furniture for example. With regards to entering or leaving your property, if there are instructions such as picking up / dropping off keys, then please let us know when booking.

Can my cleaner clean the windows?

Unfortunately, your cleaner is not able to clean either the inside or outside windows. This is primarily due to the fact that the entire window is often out of reach and our cleaners are unable to use step ladders (or equivalent) for insurance reasons. In addition, any outdoor work (including cleaning outside windows) is also not covered by insurance.

Do you offer commercial cleaning?

At this stage, our focus is on providing you with the best very domestic cleaners available. Less than 1% of all cleaning candidates are accepted onto our platform. Currently, all cleaners are required to have at least 6-months domestic or hotel cleaning experience. They are not shortlisted according to commercial cleaning experience so currently we’re unable to offer cleaners who can do this type of work.

Can my cleaner also do the ironing?

Your cleaner is also able to perform ironing services. You can book in for 30-minutes or 1-hour’s worth of ironing. Simply select this when you book and this will be added on to your cleaning package.

What cleaning products do I need to provide?

Your cleaner will provide all the cleaning products, including cloths and brushes. However we ask you to provide the vacuum, mop and bucket, as your cleaner will typically use public transport to travel to your home.

Do you clean Airbnb properties?

Yes – we have a number of clients who request cleaning for their Airbnb properties. However the main thing to consider is access to the property. If a key box is used, or keys can be picked up from building concierge for example, then there should be no problem. However in the absence of this there may be greater planning required with regards to property access. Of course, a clean should be booked in as far in advance as possible to guarantee availability.

Can my cleaner clean granite / marble / hardwood surfaces?

If there is any particular surface that might require particular attention, please let your cleaner know. Unless you have a specific cleaning product, then we would advise simply wiping that surface with a damp cloth with no cleaning product applied.

Trust & Policies

Can my cleaner clean when I’m not in the property?

Yes, for new clients you are free to let in the cleaner and either return when they finish or provide a key which can be pushed back through the letter box or dropped off with building concierge (if you have one). For our regular clients, most provide the cleaner with a set of keys which they can use to enter and leave the property for each visit.

Is my cleaner happy with pets in my home?

Yes – your cleaner is happy to work in your home with your friendly pets there. They’re not able to feed or look after them, but can work around them. If there are specific instructions such as closing doors etc, then please let us know and we will pass this onto your cleaner.

Can my cleaner provide a vacuum, mop and bucket?

Unfortunately we ask that your provide the vacuum, mop and bucket. All our cleaners use public transport to travel to jobs. Although they carry a rucksack with cleaning products, as you can understand, carrying heavier equipment isn’t feasible.

Is my cleaner covered by insurance?

All cleaners working with Neat are covered by £2m public liability insurance. In the event of accidental property damage, you are required to let us know within 24-hours of the start time of the job. If required, photos should also be sent to Once received, we will follow up with the cleaner to confirm details and if they are culpable then the claim will then be passed on to our insurers who will follow up directly with you.

How can I submit a complaint?

Unfortunately there are occasions where you may be less than satisfied with your clean. If this is the case, then please get in touch with us and we can then follow up with your cleaner. We can then usually offer some money off your next clean as a gesture from our side.

Is my cleaner background checked?

All cleaners who apply to Neat are subject to a Right-to-Work background check, that checks their ID documents, National Insurance details, address and if they are legally entitled to work in the UK. Only if they pass this stage are they then considered for the next stage in the recruitment process.

Can I give my cleaner a set of keys?

Yes, we can hold your keys for a small fee of £1/clean. This is to cover the additional admin costs of managing your keys including further insurance cover. Please let us know when / if you hand keys directly to your cleaner. If we haven’t been informed by email of this handover, unfortunately, any lost or misplaced keys would not be covered by our insurance policy.

What happens to my keys if my cleaner is on holiday?

In the event that your cleaner goes on holiday, then the keys will be dropped off at the office and kept securely there until your cleaner is back. If a cover cleaner is requested, then your keys will be handed over to the covering cleaner.