Why’s it so hard to find a good cleaner?

I had exactly the same thought…


A Note From The Founder


Speaking to friends and family, their cleaners always fell into two camps:-


1) a small number of superstars who were always overbooked and as a result never had any availability to take on new clients, or


2) much more often the case, very mediocre cleaners who did an “OK” job, often cancelled last minute but who were never bad enough to get rid of completely. Very underwhelming to say the least.


What made these superstars so good? And why were they so hard to find?


Having tried in vain to find a superstar for our busy household (2 working parents and a 2 year old), I took the rather extreme decision of quitting my full time job and setting up my own cleaning company.


I wanted our cleaners to do a really great job, be reliable and trustworthy, and if there were any problems, that they would be dealt with swiftly and with minimal hassle to the client. I never had time at work to deal with “life admin” so this customer services element was really important.


Well, we’ve found these superstars but it’s been much harder than I ever thought!


Since that day, it’s been a real rollercoaster of a ride. We still have lots to do but now have a business servicing 1000s of clients that’s basically grown purely from word-of-mouth. And with a recruitment rate of just 1%, I’m confident that our select group of superstars are among the very best not just in London but across the entire UK.


Are you intrigued? I do hope so. I’d love for you to give us a try. Click here to find out more about our services.


Sean Parry, MD

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