How To Clean A Dirty Shirt Collar

November 1, 2018 by Sean Parry

Here at Neat, as well as general cleaning, we do a lot of clothes and bed linen washing, laundry and ironing. In particular, getting a clean and well ironed dress shirt usually takes a little bit of care and attention. Simply washing a dress shirt in the washing machine is usually not enough, and stains around the collar and cuffs often remain.

In this case, it is worth spending a few minutes cleaning the collar and cuffs before putting it in the washing machine. All that is required is a bit of dish soap, some water and a toothbrush. We like the following You Tube video which outlines the way to do it:


1. Take your shirt to the kitchen or bathroom sink, making sure the sink itself is clean so any dirt is not picked up by the shirt.

2. Remove the short collar stays, as if you forget they will rust in the water.

3. Turn on the tap and add a little water to the collar.

4. Pour some dish soap over the collar stain.

5. Rub the collar fabric against each other for a couple of minutes. Alternatively use a toothbrush to scrub away the stain.

6. Turn the tap on, add some more water and then squeeze out the excess water. You can then repeat this for the cuffs.

7. Finally, put this into the washing machine to clean. 

Once the shirt’s been cleaned, and dried, you can then iron it – see our other blog post on How to iron a shirt in 3 minutes. Finally, if need to fold the shirts away (if you’ve run out of hangers for example), then look at How to fold a dress shirt in 30 seconds.

Of course, we would be happy to help with your ironing and cleaning needs! Further information can be found on our website.