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Keeping Tower Hill in Tip Top Shape


Tower Hill centres on the imposing stone fortress of The Tower of London, which the Normans built to put Londoners in their place and put the fear of God into them. There’s a piece of history around every corner of the area which makes it such as lovely area to live and work in, as well as clean. The hive of activity surrounding Fenchurch Street Station, as well as our ever expanding client base for the area really does show how modern an area it is, as do the luxurious yachts coming in and out of Katharine’s Docks, and the matching residences too, which all need their regular cleans to keep them looking ship shape and Bristol fashion.


First-class Domestic Cleaning & Housekeeping


The staffing process for our cleaners is very stringent, with less than 1% of all our applicants being accepted into the workforce.


Our unmatched cleaners are also covered for £2,000,000 as well in case anything goes awry. This demonstrates how much faith we put into our clients and our employees. Every one of our cleaners is also fluent in English, which makes any communication you have with us extremely simple. We always strive to reassure our customers that they’ve found a company that’s dependable and well-organised, and that our approachable and alert cleaners will have your place looking sparkling in no time at all.


Flexible Cleaning Throughout Tower Hill


It doesn’t matter you prefer a regularly scheduled clean or just a one-off clean whenever you need it, Neat is fully capable and flexible enough to give you the same service you’d expect from a regular clean, and still be punctual and efficient. Sometimes it can be much more simple to just book a one off clean, especially if you’d like to give us a try us first with no further obligations.


Further on down the line, our arranged services are more much more cost-effective, particularly if you’re on a budget. You can have faith in our workforce that we can stick solidly to your schedule too, whatever that may be, and still keep your residence or place of work looking as good as it ever has.

Thorough Cleaning Options


Occasionally, the worst kind of chaos can ensue in either your residence or place of work and the only thing you can do is hire a firm which carries out thorough cleaning. Thankfully we also offer that service for you, with the same priority and importance given to our deep one cleans as our regular cleans too.


Our deep cleaning services are all fixed-price too. They are solely based on the number of bedrooms in your house. No hidden fees either. We also promise you’ll get the same attention to detail and the same great standard of cleaning regardless of your property type or the size as well.

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