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The Southwark Rriverside is one of London’s hippest areas and most desirable living areas too. It’s actually one of our most popular areas for residential cleaning. Also, it really showcases what life is like in central London. Evenings in Southwark are always lively and fun, with crowds flocking to the local restaurants.


Southwark has one of London’s prettiest riverside walkways, with the houses to match, stretching all along its riverfront. There are several landmarks you will recognise in the area such as City Hall, HMS Belfast, Southwark Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Tate Modern. Many of these a lot of our happy residential clients can see from their windows, so it’s no wonder that the place is so sought after and house prices are still soaring. However, with a premium living area like Southwark comes the expectations of premium services, which is Neat comes into the picture to really give you that premium peace of mind quality feeling you’d get with any luxury item you’d expect to be relied upon.


Housekeeping and Office Cleaning in Southwark


Our interviewing procedure for our Cleaners is very stringent, which ultimately ends up with less than 1% of people actually being considered for the job.


This strict procedure ensures that our cleaners, and our clients, can feel safe and secure knowing all of our staff speak fluent English and are also ensured up to the eyeballs. £2,000,000 to be precise, to cover anything which could possibly go awry anyway. Peace of mind is a valuable thing. This all culminates into an efficient, well-oiled cleaning machine that makes our firm far more desirable than our competitors due to the good communication we always have with our customers.


Co-operative Cleaning in Southwark


Neat is also more than capable of catering to any cleaning schedule you may require. We fully understand how busy your lives can be, so it may be beneficial to book a one-off clean with us if you want to give us a try before you commit to anything regular, or you might genuinely need that one clean. Whatever your commitments, we’re here to help.


On the other hand, if you’re looking into a long term cleaning solution though, then look no further than our regularly scheduled cleans. These scheduled appointments work out to be much more cost effective in the end, ideal for budgets in offices too.


Thorough Cleaning Services


Occasionally, you might require the services of a company which can carry out a thorough and deep clean of an entire property. Well the good news is that we provide that too, in fact it’s one of our specialities.


Our cleaners in and around the Southwark area are only too happy to give either your homes or offices a clean bill of health, whether it’s a deep clean, regular scheduled clean, or just the one-off clean. Plus, we guarantee our cleaners will put the same amount of effort into any sized property. No shortcuts for bigger jobs here.