Your Essential Cleaning Kit

April 12, 2019 by Sean Parry

To achieve a really high-standard of cleaning, having the right cleaning tools and products is imperative. We’ve tested hundreds over the years and we’re constantly fine tuning what we have. It’s the equivalent of putting Lewis Hamilton behind the wheels of a Lada or Ferrari – there’s no contest! That’s why we bring all cleaning equipment and products with us as part of our cleaning package. Below is a snapshot of the kit we bring and we’ll cover which core cleaning products to use in the next blog.

1. Microfibre cloths – Opt for microfibre rather than cotton. The fibres in these cloths electrostatically attract dirt and dust, removing it from any surfaces that it comes into contact with. The more the better – ideally 5-10 for a typically 1-bed property clean. Always have 2 cloths on you at any one time – one to wipe, and the other to dry – and change cloths as the older ones get wet and dirty. Remember to keep separate cloths (ideally different colours for bathroom and non-bathroom).  Don’t forget an overly wet cloth will leave smears behind. Drying this straight after will leave you with the finish you’re looking for. We recommend the ones by Clay Roberts.

2. Scrubber or Sponge –  If there is some dirt or mark that is proving difficult to clean off with a cloth, you should use a scrubber or sponge whose abrasive surface should help to break up the dirt and make it easier to wipe with a cloth once you’ve gone over it a few times. We recommend the one by eCloth.

3. Plastic scraper – If the going gets really tough with a hard to remove (food stain), and a scrubber doesn’t do the trick, then the next level up is the plastic scraper. Use this to break up the dirt, then wipe down with a scrubber and finally a cloth to finish.

4. Toothbrush – This is our secret weapon. A used toothbrush is just fine, and this will help to clean under and around the buttons on kitchen appliances, the temperature control knobs on ovens and around taps. Keep one for the kitchen and another for the bathroom.

5. Ostrich feather duster – In our experience, ostrich feathers are the most effective at attracting dust from surfaces. Use a feather duster with an extendable arm to help you get up into the ceilings and corners where cobwebs might lie.

6. Mop and bucket – There are lots of different options. Again look for a mop with micofibre cleaning tassels. The key is getting a robust bucket which allows effective squeezing out of the water. Don’t forget a wet floor can leave smears so best to try to squeeze as much water out as possible. We like the Vileda Mop & Bucket set.

7. Vacuum – In our experience, the Henry vacuum is the best, both in terms of quality of vacuuming as well as durability and longevity. There’s a reason why they’ve been around for so long. They continue to be out vacuum of choice at Neat.

Once you’ve got all of the above, buy yourself a cleaning tray or caddy to put them all in, and this will make it easy to take things with you from one room to the next. Alternatively, you could put your feet up and let us do your cleaning for you. Give us a call on 02036378307 or visit our homepage for further details on our services.