A Tidy Wardrobe In Less Than 15 Minutes

November 30, 2018 by Sean Parry

As well as being unsightly, a messy wardrobe full of clothes, boxes and shoes, makes it very difficult for you to find what you’re looking for and more importantly what outfit to wear for the day. You’ll also find that clothes piled in together can sometime get damp and stale. The wardrobe needs to be cleaned regularly just like the rest of your property, and dust buildup and damp can become problematic if left for too long.

Follow our 15-minute guide to getting your wardrobe clean and organised, and we’ll be sure that it will make life easier for you!

  1. Empty the wardrobe completely, laying clothes on your bed, and sort the clothes into those you’ve worn in the last year and those that you haven’t (give these to charity).
  1. Organise your clothing according to the time of year with 1 pile for clothing that you would wear now, and another pile for out-of-season garments. You can store these clothes away, and it’ll free up valuable space in your wardrobe. A vacuum pack is often a good space saver.
  1. Clean the inside of the wardrobe, firstly dusting thoroughly, wiping down all the shelves and then finally vacuuming the bottom. Leave the doors wide open and the windows open as well if possible, to give it a good airing.
  1. Take your clothes into those that can be folded (knitted wear, some trousers etc), and fold these neatly, placing on top of each other on an open shelf in the wardrobe. Keep the same types of garments together (jumpers, trousers etc) and don’t make the pile too high so they collapse.
  1. Take your clothes that need to be hung (shirts, skirts etc), and put them on hangers and onto the hanging rail. Try to keep empty hangers on one side of the rail, and throw some away if you have too many. Another bit of advice is to invest in some wooden hangers that look much better than plastic ones.
  1. Finally, arrange your shoes, only keeping those pairs that are worn regularly “on show”. Put away all others in boxes, or better still if they’ve not been worn for a year, then give to charity.

Getting your wardrobe to this stage is the hardest part, and keeping it tidy should be a lot easier. Of course, we would be happy help with your cleaning and housekeeping jobs! Further information can be found on our website, or feel free to call us if you have any questions.