Key Cleaning products you need

May 17, 2019 by Sean Parry

Some of us do it everyday; others weekly, fewer monthly and a select few never do it. What am I talking about? Cleaning of course, it’s an essential part of everyday life whether you are at home or in the office. For those new to the cleaning phenomenon or those having just moved out here are some key cleaning products you need to invest in to make your life so much easier.

First and foremost your staple-cleaning product is the humble vacuum, hoover, Dyson, or Henry. It doesn’t matter what you call it there’s no escaping the fact that the vacuum cleaner is an absolute essential. Making light work of dirt, dust and grime on carpets, wooden floors and skirting boards a regular run around with the vacuum will improve any space.

Another key cleaning product you need to have is simple everyday household bleach. It’s multi-purposed role means you can use it to clean almost anything. Whether you are mopping the floor, rubbing down the shower or disinfect the toilet, simply dash with a little bit of water and you have a strong disinfectant killing 99% of germs.

What’s the final piece in your key cleaning product jigsaw? I’ll give you a hint; it’s cheap but incredibly effective. For around £3 you can pick yourself up some polish and a few dusters to renew and revamp your furniture and work surfaces. As unfortunate as it is, dust settles and gathers at an alarming rate, if you don’t believe me just take a look at the top of wardrobe or the backside of your TV. As innocuous as it looks dust contains all sorts of horrible micro size nasties including flakes of dead skin, hair and animal parts. Whilst generally harmless some unfortunate people do have allergies so ensuring your property is a dust free as possible is a great preventative measure.

For just a relatively small investment you can have access to all the key cleaning products you need to keep a clean, healthy and happy home.