How Many Hours Cleaning Do I Need?

May 29, 2018 by Sean Parry


You can quite easily apply the “How long is a piece of string?” principle to this question. Of course, it depends on a number of things – but primarily the size of your property, what cleaning checklist you would like covering and how clean (or unclean) your property is before you start.

At Neat, we use a 50-point checklist which covers all the key items that you might expect to require regular cleaning such as all surfaces. But it excludes items such as inside kitchen appliances (oven, fridge etc) and kitchen / bathroom cabinets which might be cleaned on a more ad hoc “spring cleaning” type basis.

Based on this checklist and assuming your home is cleaned every week or fortnight, we usually budget around 45 minutes each for the kitchen and bathrooms. And approximately 30 minutes each for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. 

The total timings for the 1-bed and 2-bed properties are generally fairly consistent, but as the properties get larger (4-bed+) it becomes more difficult to estimate as the size and number of rooms for each property type can vary quite considerably. In particular, the number of bathrooms and toilets (which take more time) can vary significantly which adds more time.

Generally however we budget the following number of hours cleaning for each property type: 1-bed (2.5hrs); 2-bed 2-bed 1-bath (3hrs), 2-bed 2-bath (3.5hrs), 3-bed (4hrs), 4-bed (5hrs), 5-bed (6hrs).

Of course, the dirtier or messier the rooms, the more time that should be budgeted. For the spring clean items listed earlier, we budget approx 30mins each for inside fridge and inside oven cleaning, and 1-hour to clean the inside of all kitchen cabinets.  You might also consider having your cleaner help with laundry and/or ironing – which will all add extra time.

Our advice whether you are booking with Neat (or not) is to try to be clear what your expectations are from the outset – preferably by using a standard checklist of some sort that both you and your cleaner agree on. To find out more about our services, please click here >>