How To Fold A Towel Hotel Style

October 22, 2018 by Sean Parry

Here at Neat, we firmly believe that it’s the little touches that differentiate our premium cleaning and housekeeping service. In this post, we cover off a simple way to fold towels, just like you might see in high-end spas and 5-star hotels across London. It may see like a minor thing to write about, but these details genuinely help to make things look neater and tidier in your bathroom.

The 3-fold method is the one most widely used, and we like the following video from Meagan McKenzie, that shows you exactly how to do it. It’s basically all about minimising the number of loose towel ends on display….


1. Take two corners of your towel and fold together, and repeat until the width of your towel is about 40cm.

2. Lay your folded towel out onto a flat surface (such as a table or bed), and visually divide it into thirds.

3. Fold the top third of the towel onto the middle third of the towel (with the final third of the towel remaining).

4. Fold the towel again over the final third.

5. Pull out any creases of the towel, and make sure all the edges line up. Place the towel down, aligning the smooth side of the towel facing forwards.

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