How To Fold A T-Shirt In 3 Seconds

November 16, 2018 by Sean Parry

Here at Neat, our cleaners and housekeepers do a lot of laundry, ironing and folding for our clients. We’ve already covered how to fold a dress shirt in 30 seconds, but below is a very quick and neat technique we use for folding T-shirts. There are lots of videos online that cover this approach, but we like the following one from POPSugar Fashion in the US.


  1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface, facing upwards and pulling out any creases.
  1. Imagine 2 lines on the shirt – the first across the middle of the shirt (across the stomach), and another at right angles between the neck opening and the shoulder seam.
  1. Pinch the shirt at the top of the line next to the shoulder (with your left hand) and the middle where the lines cross (with your right hand).
  1. Cross over your hands, and pinch the bottom of the “shoulder line” with your left hand.
  1. Lift the shirt and uncross your hands, shaking out the hanging material so that the shirts hangs loosely.
  1. Make the final fold. Lay the shirt face down, with the left sleeve hanging over, and fold over to hide the sleeve and show the front of the shirt.

As I mentioned, we have another blog post if you’d like to know How To Fold A Dress Shirt In 30 Seconds. Of course, all our cleaners and housekeepers are happy to iron and fold away your clothing. Further information can be found on our website, or feel free to call us if you have any questions.