How To Fold A Bed Sheet In 30 Seconds

November 12, 2018 by Sean Parry

Here at Neat, we do a lot of ironing and folding for our clients. One of the items that we’re often asked about is how to fold fitted elasticated bed sheets. The elastic often makes it hard to fold neatly, and many people simply resort to rolling it up, or folding untidily. This means that when you come to put new sheets on your bed, that it’s crumpled and wrinkled – definitely not the result you’re looking for. All our cleaners and housekeepers use the following simple technique to help achieve a neatly folded bed sheet. We like the following video from CleanMySpace¬†that shows you exactly how to do it.

Here’s how to do it

1. Lay out bed sheet with elastic side facing down.

2. Put each hand into the corner of the elasticated part.

3. Press fingers together, and flip one side over the other. You have now created a square corner.

4. Repeat on other side, making sure same corners are folded over.

5. Make everything as square as possible.

6. Fold in half keeping elastic part on inside of fold.

7. Fold in thirds, both length-wise then width-wise.

Of course, all our cleaners and housekeepers are happy to iron and fold away your clothing and bed sheets. Further information can be found on our website, or feel free to call us if you have any questions.