Our Favourite Vacuum “The Henry”

May 10, 2019 by Sean Parry

The Henry Vacuum or ‘Henry’ as his friends know him has been a cleaning staple for homes and businesses for many years. Everybody from professional cleaners to your everyday housewife and stay-at-home husbands have purchases the smiley little chap. Even those usually stereotyped as being averse to cleaning (students) have been known to dabble with the Henry vacuum.

The popularity of this vacuum does have more to it than being merely a smiley face however. The vacuums patented smile and unique nose nozzle have the innocent intention of making cleaning that little bit more enjoyable and fun, kids also love it which is a great way to get them to do the chores by the way. Beyond his handsome features Henry has many more qualities that make him a household favourite.

First and foremost he’s as reliable as he is smiley. Coming with extended manufacturers guarantees and easily replaced and fixed the Henry vacuum is incredibly easy to use and replace. The circular design means that Henry flows effortlessly across carpets, wooden floors, ceramics and may even venture out to your car. Accompanying his manoeuvrability is a long extendable cable, one that recoils automatically after use. You’ll no longer spend precious minutes un-doing a tangle or using your scout and brownie knowledge to tie the cable into an efficient not. To the contrary you’ll have the Henry vacuum packed away in an instant.

Additionally and when the time comes the Henry vacuum is easily emptied and re-filled. The top of his vacuum (his head) simply lifts off allowing all the dust and dirtiness to be dropped into the bin with minimal fuss. It’s a job everyone is capable of doing so now your poor old mum isn’t always lumbered with the unenviable task of emptying the hoover!

Let’s face it, vacuuming isn’t particularly fun but it’s a necessary part of everyday life and chores; unless you want to live like a slob. The Henry vacuum is not only practical, functional and cost effective he’s also a happy chap whilst doing so. Did I mention he also has a wife/sister/daughter (depends on your imagination) called Henrietta? For those who take their vacuuming very seriously why not get the set!