Cleaners Wimbledon

House cleaning company in Wimbledon

Serving up an ace with our Wimbledon cleaners

We provide cleaning services across London and Wimbledon is one of our favourite areas. Located in south-west London, it is famous for hosting the Wimbledon Tennis Championship as well as being home to other such iconic places as Wimbledon common. This wonderful area is superb to live and work in, and we love being involved in that. We provide premium cleaning services to help maintain the beauty of this prestigious district.

We speak your language

We pride ourselves here at Neat for having one of the most meticulous application procedures amongst any cleaning service. The total number of cleaners we eventually accept is less than 1% of those who apply, this leaves us with what we believe is the best collection of cleaners in Wimbledon. We’re so confident in their abilities that we even have a 100% money back guarantee! To help our clients and our cleaners alike feel comfortable, we have an extensive £2 million insurance package. Plus all our cleaners are completely fluent in English meaning miscommunication will never be an issue!

Working to your schedule

Wimbledon is a thriving area of London and we know that this means people need the best possible service that will fit around their schedule and that is exactly what we provide. You can individualise your cleaning experience to fit your every need. We can offer services that you can pencil in for regular timings or if it is more convenient you can have a one off clean whenever it is required. Everything about the service can be customised, the number of hours spent at the property all the way to the exact tasks that you want to be carried out. We can also save you some time by doing your laundry and ironing, whatever you need, we will do our utmost to help.

Try our deep cleaning service

Deep cleaning is a popular part of our service, which gets some extremely good feedback- but this is no surprise to us! We know that we have an amazing team of cleaners and they are trained to clean any property from top to toe leaving it absolutely spotless. No matter how much filth and grime has built up, our cleaners will stay until it is gleaming.

Covering all types of property

Enjoy our good value prices that are at a fixed rated and are determined by the number of bedrooms within in the property. What you can be sure of is that our deep clean service will result in your property looking exceptional! Our services here at Neat cover a range of properties such as homes and offices. We know having someone in a space filled with your (and your employers) possessions can be nerve-racking but don’t worry, we have superb cleaners who will never disrupt any items any more than necessary.