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Domestic cleaning in Richmond

Polishing up Richmond

As one of London’s most attractive areas, it has long been a preferred retreat for many members of Royalty, as well as the rich and famous, who still need their house cleaned you know. The River Thames runs for over 10 miles through the borough, connecting Hampton Court Palace, Richmond Town Centre and Kew Gardens with London. Richmond equals anywhere in London with its gorgeous Royal Parks and unspoilt spaces, historic houses, theatres, museums, galleries, exhibitions, and town centres which are teeming with activity almost 24/7.

Premium Business and Residential Cleaning throughout Richmond.

We do offer cleaning for businesses in Richmond, but it should be obvious that this isn’t central London and most of our business comes from luxury homes in the area. This is where a lot of the commuters live and we managed to get most clients through a lot of their places of work which we
already clean too. If you’re looking for regular cleaners to keep your home wonderfully sparkling, then Neat is here to help you. Remember that less than 1% of all applicants actually get the job, which shows how stringent our interviewing process is. So if you want the best cleaners, who’s attention to detail
can’t be understated, then you know where to find them.

Special One-Off or Regular Cleans to Choose.

One off cleaning services are available of course, but as with most of customers in Richmond, you’ll want a responsive, regularly scheduled cleaning service to tie in with that busy schedule and commute into London. So if this sounds a lot like you, you’ll also enjoy the cheaper long-term cost involved with having regularly scheduled cleans as well. If you’re a bust home-owner in Richmond whose schedule is all over the place, then you may be
more eager to just trying a one-off cleaning service here and there. This may be a requirement for you, and we’re willing to accommodate this.

Deep Cleaning Services

Homes, as well as busy offices, can undergo any domestic disaster you can possibly think of which require expert levels of care and cleaning expertise to avoid too much disruption and to try to restore the room to its former glory without moving too many things about. So if you need a systematic deep-cleansing of your home, office, or maybe both, then Neat is the firm for you. We will restore your rooms to their former glory in minimal time and to a high standard as well. No disturbances either, just premier quality cleaning services which we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with.