Cleaners Kensington

Quality domestic cleaning in Kensington

Keeping Kensington clean and looking great


Kensington is an area that provides us with a huge number of extremely talented cleaners in a flourishing part of West London. There is all sorts that goes on in Kensington, the famous gardens, many European embassies and the commercial heart-Kensington high street.


A place with this much activity is a joy to clean, there is a plethora of great cleaners to choose from and it means we have a superb team that is more than ready to uphold the cleanliness of a superb area such as Kensington.


Only the most talented cleaner make it


Less than 1%. That is how many cleaners get through our recruitment procedure. For that reason our team is only the best of the best, an extremely hard working and competent group of cleaners. You will struggle to find anyone better qualified or capable in Kensington than our Neat team.


Not only are they the best in the business but they also all speak 100% fluent English. This can be an issue in the cleaning business and it is therefore something that we are adamant must be part of our service, all to make the customer’s experience as perfect as possible. We also have an insurance policy worth £2 million, just to put both cleaner and clients’ minds at ease. Not only this but we have a 100% money back guarantee, although this is unlikely to be needed as we average a 95% customer feedback rating!


One off or regular – We do it all 

Whatever cleaning service you need, we have the one for you. Convenience is key for services like ours and we therefore don’t want our cleaning schemes to be set in stone. We can offer you a one off clean or you can book us in for a regular visit, whatever your needs, we will cater for them. Even select the specific number of hours that you want our cleaners to work on your property.


The timing of our visits is not the only flexible area of our service. Does your property and lifestyle require a specific set of cleaning instructions? No problem, let us know and we will ensure that your property gets the exact clean it needs. There is even room for us to help you out with everyday tasks, such as washing and ironing.


Spotless Homes with our Deep Cleans


Kensington is well known for being an extremely pleasant area of London and of course every one of the residents will dream of having a spotless property to match that image. Our deep clean service will rid your property of dirt and grime that may have built up over the years. Plus there’ll be no shock surprises when it comes to the cost- we have a fixed rate price based on the number of bedrooms within your property.


Home or Office – Comprehensive cleans for all


Office cleaning is in our repertoire just the same way that home cleaning is. If you have an office space that needs cleaning then we will provide you with experienced and competent cleaners who will clean your office top to bottom whilst causing minimal disturbance to valuables.