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Hammersmith is home to the mighty Apollo theatre and many other attractions. Located in London, Hammersmith is well connected seeing a lot of footfall on any given day. Because of this, mess and muck accumulate at a rate of knots.

Whether you’re off to the theatre or simply don’t have time to clear up all the clutter, Neat is ready and willing to manage your mess for you. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.


Cleaning & Housekeeping for Hammersmith


Tom Hardy (who was born in Hammersmith) has shown colossal dedication across his roles in cinema. All Neat staff show the same courage and tenacity when cleansing Hammersmith of dirt and grime!


Less than 1% of those individuals who apply to become a Neat cleaner are able to satisfy our high standards and strict code of conduct. Learning to become a Neat cleaner implies solid cleaning expertise, but also fluent English communication skills.


All cleaners provided by Neat are protected by our impressive £2,000,000 insurance scheme, bringing peace of mind to customers and cleaners alike.


Cleaning Services Scheduled Your Way


Some prefer a regular schedule with a dedicated cleaner, set hours each week where they know their property will be attended to. Others have such busy, hectic lives that it’s impossible for them to commit to a regular cleaning schedule. Here at Neat we’re more than happy to offer our customers and clients a choice.


Schedule down to the hour the time that our staff will attend your premises for regular cleaning duties. You are also able to configure a list of priorities so that your cleaner’s time is spent wisely and efficiently.


Get in There with a Deep Clean


Every now and then you end up in a situation where a few hours of cleaning here and there just isn’t going to work. Things have built up, no one has taken responsibility and you’ve been left to sort it all out. Sound familiar?


Order a price-fixed deep clean from Neat. The price is fixed upon the number of bedrooms at your property. Simply book a deep clean, sit back and watch our cleaners do the rest. No fuss, no hassle – just a bit of elbow grease and a great cleaning service.


Cleaning for Residential & Commercial Properties


Whether you’re cleaning up domestic clutter or prepping your workplace for new starters, Neat has the ambition and expertise to match your expectations. Get in contact and find out how we could help.