Cleaners Finchley

Quality house cleaning in Finchley

Helping to keep Finchley clean


Our cleaners provide a professional and thorough service across London and the lovely area of Finchley is no different. It is a bustling part of North London and combines commerce, culture and plenty of housing.


Neat have highly professional and capable cleaners that take real pride in delivering an outstanding service to keep all properties in Finchley absolutely spotless.


High calibre cleaning


The cleaners we provide across all locations, including Finchley, are of the highest calibre, both in their cleaning skills and their work ethic. This is no surprise as they undergo a rigorous application process that leaves us with the top 1% of applicants-no wonder they are the cream of the crop.


One key thing applicants must have in order to make the grade is fluency in English. Every single one of our cleaners is completely fluent and this means that miscommunication between client and cleaner will never be an issue. Additionally, we also have an insurance package of £2 million that covers our cleaners and helps to keep peace of mind.


Flexible Cleans


We have a choice of cleaning packages available to suit out customers that come tailor-made for every client. We’ll work with you to make a bespoke list of individual cleaning duties, which we’ll ensure gets followed to the letter, to ensure everything that need to be done, gets done. Not only this but you can choose the number of hours our Finchley cleaners spend at your property and whether this is a regular clean or just a one off service.


We may be a cleaning service but it is not the only thing we can do for you. Living in London you are no doubt rushed off your feet by everyday living and would love some rest bite. Well look no further, we will have your property spotless but we will also not hesitate to help you out by doing ironing and laundry if you so wish.


Deep Cleans to suit you

Our deep cleanse is set at a fixed rate but is dependent on the number of bedrooms within your property. Our highly-experienced cleaners will deliver a methodical clean that goes way beyond our standard package to eradicate that tough grime that has gradually built up over the years.  Our deep cleaning service in Finchley gets wonderful feedback and we are certain that if a really penetrating clean is what you’re looking for, then this is the service for you.

At home and the office


Our Finchley cleaners are capable of delivering an outstanding service at both office and home environments. Hired on their ability and work ethic, our staff will leave no office space untouched but will cause minimal disruption to yours or your employees working areas. After all, an uncluttered desk is an uncluttered mind!