Clean your shower in 10 easy steps

March 4, 2019 by Sean Parry

Cleaning the shower is a job that is often overlooked. Incredibly, some people think that because it’s being rinsed down every time, that that’s enough! The key is not to leave it too long otherwise soap scum will build up, and this gets more and more difficult to remove with time. The best way to avoid this is to use a squeegee after every time you shower, and wipe down the tiles, therefore not allowing soapy water to settle on the tiles. Below, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow 10-step guide to getting your shower up to scratch.


Tile and tub cleaner
– glass and ceramic tiles, use vinegar and dish soap
– natural stone, use neutral dish soap or speciality cleaner
Microfibre cloths
Scrubber or sponge
Baking soda – for abrasion (just in case)
White vinegar – for stained glass doors
Old toothbrush


1. Remove everything from the shower, including bottles, soap and sponges.

2. If there are shower curtains, pull them out of the way (by folding it over the rail) or remove them altogether.

3. Spray the tiles with tile cleaner (above head height down to the floor or basin), and let the product sit for 5 minutes, which will allow it to break down the soap scum. Don’t worry about spraying the tub yet.

4. Spray white vinegar spray onto the glass door or glass walls, and leave on.

5. Take your scrubber and sponge, and start at the left-hand shower wall, scrubbing from top to bottom, and then move on to the next wall. If there is heavy soap scum, you may consider sprinkling some baking soda onto your sponge / scrubber, and the abrasion will help to break it down. Do NOT rinse the walls yet.

6. Spray the chrome fittings with the vinegar spray, and use an old toothbrush to clean in all the nooks and crannies.

7. Now spray the tub basin with tub cleaner, and leave for 5 minutes. Again scrub from one side to the other

8. Turn on the hot water of the shower, spraying the shower walls down using the same pattern as before, from left to right, and top to bottom. Once the walls are rinsed, use a squeegee to remove all the water from the walls, then use a cloth to dry.

9. Rinse down the chrome fittings, and dry until shiny.

10. Rinse the tub basin, and again dry with a microfibre cloth.


Check for soap scum. If you look at the tiles at an angle and see any dull spots or greyish lines, then soap scum is still there. Also, if you run your hand over the surface and feel and resistance, then again it means there’s still some remaining. Better scrub harder!

Use a squeegee after every time you shower. This may seem a lot of work, but it is quick, and avoids build-up of hard to remove soap scum. If there’s no water left on the surface, then soap scum can’t accumulate.

Of course, if you would prefer us to help with your cleaning and housekeeping jobs, we would be happy to assist! Please take at the Neat website or call us on 02036378307 for further information.