Best Homemade Cleaning Products

April 5, 2019 by Sean Parry

Firstly, pick yourself some cleaning spray bottles – either old ones that you’ve used up, or you can buy new ones on Amazon.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner – This should be your main cleaning product, and it should be able to be used on all surface types (including wood, granite, marble etc). It shouldn’t be too strong (either acidic or alkaline) as to react with the surface. The key is that it is a mild cleaning product, and PH neutral. A very good and cost-effective¬†option is to take a few drops of normal washing up liquid, add to an empty cleaning spray bottle and fill the rest up with water. It’ll keep you going for ages, the cost is just a few pennies and together when used with a micro-fibre cloth, it’ll be effective for 90%+ of your everyday cleaning needs.

2. Glass / Mirror / Tap Chrome Cleaner РThe key with this cleaning product is to remove any lime-scale in the water that might have come into contact with these items. This is a particular problem in parts of London. A great homemade product is white vinegar, which contains acidic properties that eat away at the lime-scale and dissolve it away. Again take an empty spray bottle and fill it half way with white vinegar and the rest with water. Vinegar often has a bit of a pungent smell so add a few drops of lavender smelling liquid.

3. Hob / Oven Cleaner – Burnt on food or liquid often makes cleaning the hob and oven the toughest job of them all. An all-purpose cleaner might remove some of the dirt but you’ll probably need something stronger if you’ve got a bigger job on your hands. Pick up a box of baking soda and scatter it on the hob and inside of the oven. Next take your all purpose cleaner and spray the liquid on top of it. Now wait – for 30 minutes ideally (you can do this at the start and come back to it later). You’ll see that the white in the baking soda powder has changed colour as it’s lifted the dirt of the surface. The abrasive qualities of the baking soda also allow the dirt to be more easily removed. For the tough jobs, you’ll want to use the kitchen scrubber (and a bit of elbow grease).

The team at Clean My Space also have lots of great ideas about other DIY Homemade Cleaning Products. It’s worth taking a look at their video below as well.