The best feather duster

April 25, 2019 by Sean Parry

Do you hate taking on the dusting? Would you rather bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich and hope for the best? Many of us dread dusting, it’s a chore and it spreads, however leave it un-attended and the problem can soon manifest into something much, much, much worse. There are those who have allergies, others just hate the grime; whatever the reason give your dust the heave-ho with these fantastic dusters.

If it’s dust you are looking to get rid of then you won’t go far wrong with an Ostrich feather duster. First and foremost you will really notice the quality of this old-fashioned, handmade dusting favourite. A natural product, the ultra soft and delicate Ostrich feathers are perfect for dusting and removing cobwebs. Why? Here’s the science bit.

Ostrich feathers in the duster have tiny barbules on the feathers themselves. These barbules act as tiny finger like appendages and collect the dust with ease.  The barbules have minute hooks, which are intended to help the flow of air when on a live bird. However it turns out they’re pretty handy when it comes to dusting as well.

Ostrich feather dusters are also great for electronic appliances due to the static electricity, while the soft and gentle feathers also make like work of delicate surfaces and even plants. No scratches and no hassle.

Of course you are not obliged to stick to the premium ostrich feathers, if you have a job lot of cobwebs, for example in the garage then you may be better served investing in another duster. Synthetic dusters typically come in the iconic rainbow colour scheme and are synonymous with household chores nation wide. They have greater reach than the Ostrich dusters and can be used to get at stubborn and highly accumulated areas of dust and cobwebs.

The synthetics also make light work of hardwood floors, laminate floors and all hard surface floors. Whether you love it or loathe it, regular dusting helps prevent damage by abrasive sand, soil and dust. It’s imperative to get the right duster for the correct surface, whether Ostrich or synthetic; both are a great and cost-effective option. For best results it is recommended to combine your duster with other cleaning products such as gentle furniture polish, light floors mops and of course waxes and varnishes to protect your wooded furniture and cupboards.